Getting a well- toned and shapely body is a unisex dream today. Each male or female wishe to dwell into a ravishing body. Due to lack of time, knowledge and equipment one may not be able to concentrate on the Figure Correcting measures, being at home. Molding one's body into an optimum shape as also maintaining it, needs Professional Assistance.

Mirrors n' Images provides the correct choice of Professional Assistance for those who are persistent not to compromise for less than the PERFECT in terms of their most valuable possession, their body.

Equipped with the latest machines like Body Mass Analyzer, the "Mirrors n' Images" team analyses the body type of the client and provides the relevant regime accordingly. Convenient Diet Plans are created according to the age, weight and working nature of the client in the supervision of the qualified Dietitian. Simple exercises are prescribed to the client according to their convenience and requirement. Utterly supportive staff at "Mirrors n' Images" helps the client to adapt the prescribed regime.


"A thing of Beauty is a joy forever!!!" So rightly is said by the great poet J.Keats. A beautiful appearance is surely the strongest factor constituting an Impressive personality and it is proved that an impressive personality opens the doors of opportunity in the each walk of life. God given appearance can be enhanced in a hundred ways today, by experts of course, through the numerous traditional and advanced beauty treatments.

At "Mirrors n' Images" a team of qualified and experienced professionals is always on their toes to beautify their clients aesthetically. Traditional Ayurvedic formulas as well as the advance beauty products are used in perfect synchronization to enhance the texture and glow of the skin. All the basic and advanced beauty services are provided at very comparative rates, under the luxurious interiors.


The much discussed phenomenon "FIT" refers to a body that is balanced in terms of body weight and height as also active enough according to the age and performing the daily chores without a feel of exhaust and tire.

"Mirrors n' Images" provides a combination of dietary instructions and set of simple yet effective exercise to reduce the extra weight without forcing the client to starve in order to attain a fit body. Our diet plans are created according to the individual preferences, satisfying the taste buds and providing the required nutrients both, while keeping a check on weight.

Well trained experts at "Mirrors n' Images" help the clients to learn the simple exercises without putting much strain on the body. They also help the clients to set their exercise regime according to their life style. Simple relaxing techniques, beneficial to shed stress during the long office hours are also taught to the working professionals at "Mirrors n' Images".


A hectic professional and domestic life results into the various skin problems as our skin is a very sensitive part of our body and easily takes toll of each physical and mental stress. Break out of acne, dark patches, scars are all the results of a stressful life style.

It is impossible to keep stress away from today's life but is possible to keep the adverse effects on skin away as also correcting them into a beautiful and glowing skin. Thanks to the advancement in the dermatological and cosmetic sciences, a number of corrective and precautionary measures are available today to keep the skim blemish free and reversing the signs of aging.

"Mirrors n' Images" provide an array of dermatological treatments to provide and maintain blemish free, flawless skin to the clients which are administered in the supervision of the experts in an ultra-hygienic atmosphere.

  • Some of the dermatological treatments provided at "Mirrors n' Images" are :



    Derma roller



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